Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rendy Pop Interview

I met Rendy several years ago via email. He wanted to release a discography tape of my band at the time on his label. I thought it was pretty cool that this dude from Jakarta, Indonesia heard our crappy metal band from Iowa and wanted to put it out! He soon released a tape for us and it really helped fuel my interest in cassettes and kind of helped push sassbologna in the direction it went. We have kept in touch over the years and I decided to ask him a few questions for this blog.

Q: when did you first start getting into hardcore and extreme music / what where the first bands you were into?

A: well, i start when i hear minor threat, crass, black flag, and anything about 80's hardcore/punk bands. it was happened at 12 years ago. i've got them from my brother. actually i sign to metal music before into hardcore punk. i am not sure about my first band. but i was remember when i play music at 15 years old. and i played oldskool grindcore. didn't got some demo or anything hehe666x

Q: when did you get involved in putting on shows? what bands have you booked or helped in indonesia?

A: i've got my show when i 16 years old. i saw cryptical death show. well i helped PURK (Punk rock Band) from germany, and now i helping Krupskaya tour in jakarta.

Q: how did you find out about so many underground international bands? via the internet? zines? or what?

A: all of them is true. i can find them out via internet and zines. but now internet is a good media for the communication for making a DIY networking

Q: what is metal quest?

A: that's a metal shop in bangkok, thailand. i visit them last year. and it's great!
many metal stuffs and local stuffs have available there.

Q: can you translate your label name "terkubur hidup" and tell me a little bit about it and the bands you've worked with?

A: terkubur hidup in english like something died but still alive. at this point, many mainstream people always thinking that extreme music scene is died. but as we know together that this scene always still alive and still active till drop. i choosen this name for my label cause i just running a small label and many people said "this label is RIP" but you and this scene have know about my label activites right :)

Q: what is your name and who is "rendy pop"?

A: it's just a joke, i've got the name from iggy pop and the stooges. and i think is cool. i used the name, and always bullshit if rendy pop = rendy popular hehe666x

Q:what do you do for "a living"?

A: now i studying in master degree of law at university of Indonesia. also doing anything for survive. like silkscreen the band shirts, also sell many cd's, vinyls and tapes, making any project releases, hunting a client who needs legal consultant.

Q: what are your religious beliefs if any?

A: yes i beliefs in God for sure. iam a moeslim

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